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Help Needed....


Easter/Homecoming Cleanup Tasks

The Board of Trustees continues to work to make, and keep, our facilities in safe, welcoming and mission supporting condition.  If you read the recent Homecoming letter, you are aware of some of the larger projects that need physical and financial support.  

As these projects take a large majority of the Trustees time snd funding, there is a need for assistance with some of the smaller, spring cleanup items.  So, if you have an hour or two over the next weeks, here are some of the items that  need to be worked on:

- removing small piles of gravel left on the grass during snow plowing
- weeding the flower gardens
- touch up painting on the wrought iron fence and hand rails
- painting the frames on the social hall basement windows
- planting new flowers/shrubs
- picking up sticks and branches around the yard
- raking up leaves
- and depending on your available time and capabilities, other areas.

 If you have the time, please contact any of the Trustees for more information. 

Thanks for you prayerful consideration.
    RUMC Board of Trustees

New Class Offered


Devotional Life Class

What:   Devotional Life in the Wesleyan Tradition 

When:  7March thru 24 April

Two classes will be offered, one on Tuesdays from11:30 - 1:00 and one on Wednesday evenings from 6:30 - 8:00.

The Steve Harper workbook will guide us on a road from devotional time, to a devotional life. 

All are welcome!

Fiber Coming to Rectortown?

See Flyers For Details

Join the Community to discuss the benefits, process and timeline for the fiber optic internet options coming to Rectortown.


Meet the Pastor!

Pastor Steve

Grace and peace to you in the name of our risen Lord, Jesus Christ!  Welcome to Rectortown United Methodist Church!  I hope you enjoy your worship experience with us!  I am Pastor Steve Weedling, and I want you to know that I am here to serve you.


My call in ministry is to be open, inviting, and inclusive to all who seek a relationship with God and with others, remembering always that relationships do not grow in isolation, but in community.  I believe that for relationships to truly flourish there must be trust; and that trust doesn’t just happen, but grows from both the knowledge and the experience of the ‘other’ – whether that ‘other’ is person, or God.  I am committed to providing a safe environment for all people, as together we engage in meaningful worship, prayer, the study of scripture, and mission.  In all of these ways our faith grows, and we - and the world around us - are transformed. 


I am grateful to God for this opportunity to share our faith journeys with one another!  And, I am excited by the possibilities and the wonders that will be revealed as God calls us and leads us into tomorrow! 


Please feel free to contact me with any thoughts, questions, or prayer requests you may have; or, just to talk story with one another!


Office:  (540) 364-1066

Cell:     (434) 709-2654

Email:   steveweedling@vaumc.org

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